QHSE - Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy


Future success for BANG SKAARUP PROJECT SERVICES is reliant on our ability to continuously provide competent, relevant and requested services of a high standard and to continuously adapt our services to our customers´ needs. We are serious, proactive and dedicated and we show great attention to quality and accountability in all our activities. We strive in all respects to contribute to optimal value adding solutions for our customers.


Our services are performed with maximum attention to health and safety, and in accordance with applicable legislation. We follow the QHSE instructions of our customers and we contribute proactively to ensure compliance with the applicable QHSE standards and regulations at the current workplace.

Using a risk-based approach, we will continually assess the health, safety and environmental impact of our activities in order to obtain the best possible minimization of HSE risks. We will actively arrange and participate in the implementation of risk assessment activities. (SJA, Tool Box Talk, HAZOP, HAZID, ALARP).


Management and potential employees of BANG SKAARUP PROJECT SERVICES must visibly uphold the principles of the present QHSE policy and integrate them into all our activities. HSE issues must be continually assessed, and we must actively learn from actual HSE incidents and adjust our activities in this respect.


Our QHSE Policy commits us to:


  • Prevent HSE incidents, accidents, and occupational diseases.

  • Ensure the health and safety of our (potential) employees and the people around us at all times and in every situation.

  • Minimize negative impact on the environment in terms of prevention and control of emissions, efficient use of natural resources and the reduction and recycling of waste.

  • Identify HSE risks and potential hazards that may arise in pursuance of our activities and reduce them to the lowest practical level.

  • Monitor, evaluate and continuously maintain and improve our HSE efforts through appropriate and relevant training.

  • Observe, record and learn from actual HSE incidents, and in pursuance thereof make appropriate adjustments of our activities.

  • Inform our (potential) employees and other personnel under our management about the safety and environmental impact of our services and how their involvement can affect the overall HSE performance.

  • Maintain an open, honest and active dialogue about HSE issues


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